Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Typographic Logo of Revolt, Designed by Craftive

Revolt is a great logo created by Craftive. Revolt offers custom systems to revolt the voltage supply. The business is quite lucrative and required an identity of similar stature. This is why the expert designers at Craftive came up with the concept of developing a magnificent logo that would add weight to the business identity.  

Here is what we did
Craftive reviews industry standard before heading out with a plan. We ensure that we are on the right track with current logo design standards and ahead of competitors. Craftive portfolio is filled up with logos that have defined standards and the logo of Revolt System is yet another example. Our designers gimmicked with the alphabet ‘V’ and added an impression of electric symbol to ensure the logo is captivating the minds of the target audience. This inclusion has also highlighted the client business element.  Designer used techno font to highlight the client’s business genre. The brand slogan is represented in a creative way that portrays the precedence of Revolt system among its competitors.

Colors & Usability
Craftive expert logo designer used minimal colors to design the amazing logo of Revolt. The dominancy of color black is adding a professional look to the design and slight use of green is adding a catchy touch to the overall logo impression.  The creative use of colors has made this logo unique that is second to none.  

The Verdict…
Craftive once again designed a logo that is way above those within the industry. It’s a fabulous addition to the rich and diverse Craftive Portfolio.

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