Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Natural Energy Source Logo Design – Craftive Reviews

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The most valuable asset to any brand is its identity. A good logo design is the foremost thing which is required by any brand to get a brand dignity. Craftive has designed numerous logos for businesses belong to more than 35 various industries. In logo designing field there are basically three types of logo designs which includes animated logo, typographic logo, illustrative logo and themed logo.  Craftive expert designer are extremely qualified & experienced to create a perfect logo designs that depict the strong brand identities.  

Panel-turbine is company that offers renewable, efficient, eco-friendly power systems. They were looking for a logo that could represent their business essence. Craftive designers did an in-depth research on client’s industry and came up with an idea of illustrative logo design.  Designers created a custom illustration of solar panel that depicts the client business essence. The illustration is enclosed in a circle shape is serving as the brand icon. Designers also gave a shadow touch to the illustration that magnified its appeal.

The Craftive logo designers used natural hues of the color green and orange to design the logo. The orange color symbolizes vitality and energy while the green color depicts nature and purity.  The combination of these two colors designed a logo that depicts the eco friendly client’s business philosophy.

The logo of Panel-turbine has brought hundreds of positive Craftive reviews that are testament to the expertise of Craftive logo designers. The logo is also a great design that represents the client business in a professional manner. One can explore numerous professionally designed logos at www.craftive.com.

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Monday, 17 February 2014

An Amazing Website for a Tents Selling Company – Craftive Reviews

A website is the first step towards building your online presence. If your competitors already have a website before you, they are already a step ahead from you.  To gain that competitive edge, ensure that you get a professional website design without delay!

Craftive has helped many businesses maintain a strong online presence through exceptional web design and development services. One such example is Northwest shelters, needed a website that could develop a professional feel and trust between the brand and customers.

Craftive web developers conducted an in-depth research on the client’s brief, industry and competitors. They came up with a concept of a catalog web design which effectively displays the client’s products to the customers. The homepage is designed in a professional way and includes logo, navigation bar, dynamic banner and product catalog. All the homepage elements are perfectly aligned in way that is giving a professional and trustworthy feel to the target audience.

Craftive web developers designed a natural web theme that contains natural colors: grey, green, black and white. The grey color background added a professional touch to the web site whereas green, black and white are making an attractive overall website theme.

The website designed for Northwest Shelter is a great addition to the Craftive portfolio that is testament to the expertise of its web developers. The website has also brought positive Craftive reviews.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Craftive Created a Perfect logo for GY Enginnerings

GY Enginnerings is a company that offers customize engineering solution that covers aeronautical, mechanical and civil sectors. The logo requirements were to create a simple logo design that could stand out from its competitors. The logo designers conducted a brief research on client’s industry and came up with a concept of simple yet attractive typographic logo design that would captivate the attention of the target audience & effectively projects the client’s business essence.
To create a perfect typographic logo design, designers used simple font style and creatively played with the initials “G” & “Y” of the brand name. The logo designers also added a mechanical impression on “G” that depicts the custom engineering services offered by the client. This is also adding a unique touch to the logo design. 
The black and yellow color combination is making an overall logo attractive. The black color represents power & strength while the yellow color hue denotes the wide range of engineering solution offered by the client. 
GY Enginnering is a good inspiration for the new designers. One can explore thousands of creative custom logo designs available in Craftive portfolio. You will hardly find negative Craftive reviews because of our high quality logo design packages comply with unlimited revisions with a 100% Money Back guarantee. This is our promise to you to deliver only the best design services at unbeatable price.