Monday, 29 September 2014

Craftive reviews: An iconic logo of App development company

A logo anchors the identity of any brand and becomes the single most visible manifestation for the business within the target market.  App-up is the company that offers advance services in the field of mobile applications development across various mobile platforms. Considering the competitive market of mobile apps, it was decided that the logo has to be unique and comprehensible, with a touch of professionalism.

What Craftive Did?
Craftive designers came up with the idea of typographic logo design for this business. After considering various positive Craftive reviews, App-up left it on our designers to create the best design for their logo.

Craftive designer has myriad ideas for visuals and typography of this logo and they designed a unique icon with the brand initial ‘A’. An upward twirl of the letter is giving a prominent iconic appearance. App-up could also use this icon for stationeries and advertisements since it would connect customers instantly with their business, even when the complete brand name is not displayed.

Color Selection
Craftive designers choose the combination of blue and red colors. Again, the red color signifies ‘assistance’ and the shade of blue is used to represent corporate purposes. The combination of the two colors symbolizes the business services and made the overall design more profound.
Craftive portfolio contains numerous such logo designs which give businesses unique presence and make them stand out among their competitors. App-up logo design is also an incredible addition to Craftive portfolio that stands a marvel in its own. Craftive designers have distinctive design skills that give businesses a jump start in the crowded market.

The logo proved to be a phenomenon in its own. If you want to give your business a push with intuitive design and branding solutions, contact Craftive expert by dialing 1-888-486-0355