Thursday, 2 April 2015

Craftive Reviews Medians of Internet - Experience Vs Information

The World Wide Web is split into two medians there are those who see internet as a source of information and knowledge known as Structuralists. Then there are also those who see it as a pure source of entertainment known as presentationalists.  Structuralists believes that everything on the internet is meant to ease the lives of the over stressed human beings. They also believe in individuality, that the document and its presentation is best left to the user itself, his interface or device. And HTML is a universal language describing the language of the document. They view the internet as a universal interface which is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Presentationalists on the other hand want to have perfect control over their narratives they think that HTML should precisely portray the web designer’s vision pixel-for-pixel, as it is solely a medium for art and entertainment. They see the future world wide web as a kin to some kind of interactive super television.  Although these are the two extremes of the internet but very few users are this extremists.  Most of the users tend to be realists. We prefer experience over information, internet these days is used more for entertainment purposes rather than information gaining. But it does not negate the fact that internet is not being used for information gaining. There are many individuals and entities that are constantly searching the World Wide Web for the sake of information gaining and sharing. Now a day’s there are many universities present on the internet offering distant learning courses. Distant learning and online electronic library is relatively a new concept, let’s talk about old archives of different information entities for example, universities, libraries, Wikipedia etc. this information bubble is growing day by day with online blogs, video blogs, articles, TED talk, public forums etc. there are more informational website on the internet then in the past and they are increasing in number day by day. The debate between presentationalists and Structuralists will go on, there might not be any limit to who won or who lost but rather it will be a war of perception; Experience or information?  

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