Saturday, 20 April 2013

4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Designing a Logo

Logos are the most important but trickiest graphic design images used to promote brand message. Designers need to be equipped with not only artistic skills but also research and planning skill for designing a logo. A logo must be simplistic, unique and distinctive in order to create a strong memorable image. But, too often designers make mistakes while designing logos. Here we will discuss the most common design mistakes that designers should avoid.
Lack of Research:
Designers tend to start their project without thoroughly understanding the business. They need to conduct extensive research to fully understand the business, its industry, its audience, its competitors and its goals. Also, you should study the logo industry trends in order to create a successful logo.
Ignoring Brand Position:
Brand positioning is the perception that the company wants to build in the mind of the audience. Designer needs to display the same perception through the logo. You need to analyze where the client’s brand stands and then design the logo accordingly.
Designing for yourself:
Logo design is a form of expression in which the brand conveys its message and values. It is important for the designer to learn that every brand has a specific audience and that the logo should be designed keeping the audience in mind. The designer must not create the logo based on his personal choices and preferences. The designers must not incorporate any design element because it looks good. You need to ensure if it is suitable for the brand you are designing for.
Following Trends:
Logo designs need to be enduring; therefore, designers should avoid clichéd design trends. Designers cannot rely on design trends as they change over time and become cliché. The designer needs to avoid design trick and gimmick in order to develop a timeless logo.
These are the biggest mistakes that designers tend to make. It may result into an unprofessional and amateur logo that has little connectivity with the audience. Keep all these tips in mind when designing a logo so that you can successfully create a unique identity for the client.