Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Custom Stationery Design & it’s Important Elements

Stationery Design 
One of the most popular ways of advertising your company is Stationery Design Sets. It consists of the custom logo and client’s necessary information. Therefore, having an attractive and functional design provides great value to your brand. Each time the client opens a letter or checks the mail; identifies your company with the custom design of stationery items. Craftive offers attractive and professional stationery designs, with a premise to create designs that express elegance, professionalism and efficiency. The common stationery items are Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelope.

Business Card
It is the first impression of your company on prospective customers and associates. The card must be able to represent you and your business. The cards we create are professional, eye-catching and clear, so that your business really creates a great first impression on your customers
A letterhead is the heading at the top of a paper sheet which contains the name of a person or company, logo and address. The design of a letterhead has significant importance in developing the corporate image. The designers use the best theme to create an effective presentation of all the letters, memos and proposals provided by you. 

A tailored envelope design is a great way to make a good first impression. For this reason, Craftive design experts, design envelopes that not only look professional and catchy but also ensure greater brand recognition.
Craftive offers professional stationery design set for just $99 only, the startup package includes business card, letterhead design and envelope design and that’s not all we also offer 3 revisions to ensure stationery set that exhibits true essence of your business. The numerous positive clients’ testimonials are the proof of our high quality and affordable designing services, which you can explore in Craftive reviews.