Monday, 10 March 2014

Custom Web Design is a key to Successful Online Business

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To use a free online web template is not always a great option. The problem with using such free web templates is that visitors may think your website is just a copy of another site. This is where the custom website comes in. A custom design adds up unique features that make you stand out different from others.  It enables a web developer to create various custom web element such as screen layout, colors, font style, presentation products/services and even the entire web content alignments. 

There is a rapid advancement to the field of professional web development. Hence, it is difficult for an amateur web development company to keep up with the constant advancement to the field. There are many companies willing to help you create a productive website, but it’s a tough decision to select which company is good. Here, Craftive helps you to take advantage from its more than 7 year of experience in the field of professional website design and development that enables us to offer you only the best custom website solutions. Our rich and diverse web designs portfolio is a testament to the expertise of our expert web designers & developers. In addition to this, we also offer you affordable web packages with an unbeatable price challenge.  

Every Business Needs a Custom Web Design
A custom web design will represent your products/ services in a professional way that clearly and easily accessible to the target audience.  It also helps you to get the most from your businesses. If you are interested in growing your business, the best option to choose is a custom web design that is user friendly and created by highly professional web Development Company like Craftive. 

Custom Web Design as a Marketing Tool
Craftive ensures that your custom website  design is based on your prospects needs so they gets the required information in such way that make them feel that your website is providing ultimate solution to their problems. Hence, your website will be the best marketing tool.

Promoting your custom web design through Internet marketing improves the effectiveness of your website and makes your site more visible in search engines. A high ranking on search engines allows your small business to achieve the ultimate goal, accessing new customers and markets. The small business marketing services has an aim to make businesses more competitive on the web by optimizing the website for most popular and relevant keyword phrases / keywords that target the business. High search engine ranking attracts many visitors who can become potential customers and increases sales.

Custom Web Design is the Key to Success for Entrepreneurs
A custom web design will represent your businesses in highly professional and efficient manner that direct your business to the path of online success. 

To get a custom web design, just contact Craftive, we offer affordable high quality custom web solutions that are specifically tailored to the need of all kind of business models.  

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Typographic Logo of Revolt, Designed by Craftive

Revolt is a great logo created by Craftive. Revolt offers custom systems to revolt the voltage supply. The business is quite lucrative and required an identity of similar stature. This is why the expert designers at Craftive came up with the concept of developing a magnificent logo that would add weight to the business identity.  

Here is what we did
Craftive reviews industry standard before heading out with a plan. We ensure that we are on the right track with current logo design standards and ahead of competitors. Craftive portfolio is filled up with logos that have defined standards and the logo of Revolt System is yet another example. Our designers gimmicked with the alphabet ‘V’ and added an impression of electric symbol to ensure the logo is captivating the minds of the target audience. This inclusion has also highlighted the client business element.  Designer used techno font to highlight the client’s business genre. The brand slogan is represented in a creative way that portrays the precedence of Revolt system among its competitors.

Colors & Usability
Craftive expert logo designer used minimal colors to design the amazing logo of Revolt. The dominancy of color black is adding a professional look to the design and slight use of green is adding a catchy touch to the overall logo impression.  The creative use of colors has made this logo unique that is second to none.  

The Verdict…
Craftive once again designed a logo that is way above those within the industry. It’s a fabulous addition to the rich and diverse Craftive Portfolio.

Get a professional logo design for just $25 offered by Craftive the world leading logo and web Design Company.