Thursday, 19 June 2014

Craftive Reviews - Logo Design for ‘Activent’

A logo design serves as a connection between the company and its customers, who can relate an icon, color, emblem, design, or simply a certain font style with the business. It carries business philosophy, brand persona and an overall image of the business that transcend cultures and languages. Event management companies around the world in general use abstract designs and vibrant colors for their logos. Activent is an event management business that organizes events of almost all types. The company approached Craftive for their business logo design that has to be unique, powerful and reflect energy.

 Craftive designers believe that a good logo delivers unrivalled satisfaction and sense of trust to the clients. They depict the genre of Activent business with the use of slight multi color touch in its simple typoghraphic design. They created a logo which is trendy, professional with a feel of energy and life at the same time. Designer used a simple and delicate font style with a small illustration pattern over it that adds funky and energetic look to this logo.

The color tone of this logo is plane black with a lighter hue of other multi colors used in the illustration. This color selection symbolizes passion and strength of the brand and its diversified services. This logo not only helped the client in building a strong brand image, but also brought hundreds of positive Craftive reviews.
Craftive has been helping businesses to establish their corporate identity for the last 7 years in the industry. The company is pioneer in serving almost all kinds of logo and web design solutions. It has a huge collection of Logo design portfolio which you can review on the website.