Thursday, 2 April 2015

Craftive Reviews Medians of Internet - Experience Vs Information

The World Wide Web is split into two medians there are those who see internet as a source of information and knowledge known as Structuralists. Then there are also those who see it as a pure source of entertainment known as presentationalists.  Structuralists believes that everything on the internet is meant to ease the lives of the over stressed human beings. They also believe in individuality, that the document and its presentation is best left to the user itself, his interface or device. And HTML is a universal language describing the language of the document. They view the internet as a universal interface which is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Presentationalists on the other hand want to have perfect control over their narratives they think that HTML should precisely portray the web designer’s vision pixel-for-pixel, as it is solely a medium for art and entertainment. They see the future world wide web as a kin to some kind of interactive super television.  Although these are the two extremes of the internet but very few users are this extremists.  Most of the users tend to be realists. We prefer experience over information, internet these days is used more for entertainment purposes rather than information gaining. But it does not negate the fact that internet is not being used for information gaining. There are many individuals and entities that are constantly searching the World Wide Web for the sake of information gaining and sharing. Now a day’s there are many universities present on the internet offering distant learning courses. Distant learning and online electronic library is relatively a new concept, let’s talk about old archives of different information entities for example, universities, libraries, Wikipedia etc. this information bubble is growing day by day with online blogs, video blogs, articles, TED talk, public forums etc. there are more informational website on the internet then in the past and they are increasing in number day by day. The debate between presentationalists and Structuralists will go on, there might not be any limit to who won or who lost but rather it will be a war of perception; Experience or information?  

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Craftive is now Offering Special Discount on Logo Packages

Driven by the flare of creativity, Team Craftive comprises of dominant designers and proficient developers having experience of more than 6 years. Craftive is also known to be the best custom logo designing company in USA.  Wide a diverse portfolio, that has serviced over 35+ industries, Craftive has catered to an array of businesses whether small, medium or large for getting their design related work done.

Over the years, Craftive has aimed to provide high quality services at discounted prices, and has attracted, all or most kinds of business entrepreneurs. With the aided benefits that come into the role of logo designing, a company in short avails the features of the branding solution, which makes the business look more than millions of dollars worth. This helps in building a brand image and the reputation that can be traced or known worldwide.  

Craftive designers know the importance of a logo, which should be attractive and impressive enough to attract the customers and at the same time leaving a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind. Their designing skills also have a proven record of excellent brand recognition across the globe.

Craftive’s Special Logo Design Package is the solution on getting a chance to obtain high quality logo designs. This is a great time to rush your orders as the value is particularly more in the weightage in relevance to the minimal cost that the businesses will incur.
Following are the details that the Special Logo Design Package is providing:

·         1 Logo Design Concept
·         By 1 Logo Designer
·         Free File Formats
·         Free Color Options
·         Grey Scale Format
·         Unlimited Revision
·         $40 for 24 Hour Rush Delivery Service

The logo design packages at Craftive are economical and for sure fulfills the requirements that are demanded by the businesses for custom logo design creation. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Craftive reviews: An iconic logo of App development company

A logo anchors the identity of any brand and becomes the single most visible manifestation for the business within the target market.  App-up is the company that offers advance services in the field of mobile applications development across various mobile platforms. Considering the competitive market of mobile apps, it was decided that the logo has to be unique and comprehensible, with a touch of professionalism.

What Craftive Did?
Craftive designers came up with the idea of typographic logo design for this business. After considering various positive Craftive reviews, App-up left it on our designers to create the best design for their logo.

Craftive designer has myriad ideas for visuals and typography of this logo and they designed a unique icon with the brand initial ‘A’. An upward twirl of the letter is giving a prominent iconic appearance. App-up could also use this icon for stationeries and advertisements since it would connect customers instantly with their business, even when the complete brand name is not displayed.

Color Selection
Craftive designers choose the combination of blue and red colors. Again, the red color signifies ‘assistance’ and the shade of blue is used to represent corporate purposes. The combination of the two colors symbolizes the business services and made the overall design more profound.
Craftive portfolio contains numerous such logo designs which give businesses unique presence and make them stand out among their competitors. App-up logo design is also an incredible addition to Craftive portfolio that stands a marvel in its own. Craftive designers have distinctive design skills that give businesses a jump start in the crowded market.

The logo proved to be a phenomenon in its own. If you want to give your business a push with intuitive design and branding solutions, contact Craftive expert by dialing 1-888-486-0355

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Amazing Web Design offer from Craftive

A professionally designed website will not just entice customers to buy from you, but it will insure they feel confident to purchase from you.  A professional web design not only means the owner cares about their business and their online market image but it makes visitors feel that they use a trustworthy site to shop. This can be the major reason for any online brand to increase sales, calls and leads dramatically.

Craftive web design and development, is one prominent example of professional and flawless web design services. Craftive is a team of industry’s top designers with over 6 years of web design and development experience. The company provides many design solutions in order to give a coherent image to your brand. With its flawless expertise in web design and development, Craftive offers amazing web design packages to help your business prosper with affordability. It offers a collection of web design packages at industry’s most competitive prices. Craftive customers can now even avail web design service at a minimum price of just $135 with free domain and Web hosting service.

Our special web package includes 5 pager professionally designed website with free web hosting service, 10 email addresses, 10 stock photos along with free SEO friendly site map and complete W3C certified HTML. Our amazing offer even includes a 100% charge back guarantee, as we believe in building trustworthy business with our customers.

There are seven more web design service packages that assist all small and large enterprise in providing them web design solutions. The company also offers a complete branding solution which includes logo designing, stationary design, web development service, video making services and other social media page designing services. Craftive has been delivering exceptional web designs and have got many positive Craftive reviews from its valuable customers as the company’s main foster is on innovation and quality. 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Craftive Reviews - Logo Design for ‘Activent’

A logo design serves as a connection between the company and its customers, who can relate an icon, color, emblem, design, or simply a certain font style with the business. It carries business philosophy, brand persona and an overall image of the business that transcend cultures and languages. Event management companies around the world in general use abstract designs and vibrant colors for their logos. Activent is an event management business that organizes events of almost all types. The company approached Craftive for their business logo design that has to be unique, powerful and reflect energy.

 Craftive designers believe that a good logo delivers unrivalled satisfaction and sense of trust to the clients. They depict the genre of Activent business with the use of slight multi color touch in its simple typoghraphic design. They created a logo which is trendy, professional with a feel of energy and life at the same time. Designer used a simple and delicate font style with a small illustration pattern over it that adds funky and energetic look to this logo.

The color tone of this logo is plane black with a lighter hue of other multi colors used in the illustration. This color selection symbolizes passion and strength of the brand and its diversified services. This logo not only helped the client in building a strong brand image, but also brought hundreds of positive Craftive reviews.
Craftive has been helping businesses to establish their corporate identity for the last 7 years in the industry. The company is pioneer in serving almost all kinds of logo and web design solutions. It has a huge collection of Logo design portfolio which you can review on the website.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Craftive Offers Unlimited Logo Designs for Just $100 Only

Logo design services

Why spend $100 for one logo when you can get unlimited logo design concepts in the same price with Craftive unlimited logo package. Hurry up! It’s a limited time offer.  Besides unlimited design concepts by 8 expert designers, the offer also includes unlimited revisions, free file formats: JPEG, Ai, Psd, EPS and free Giff Logo. Our unlimited initial logo concepts enable businesses to get their desired brand identity. The package also offers a 50% discount on custom web design. 

For more than six years Craftive has been designing high quality logos. Our rich & diverse portfolio contains hundreds of highly customized designs that are testament to the expertise of our designers.  We also offer wide range of design services like stationery set design, custom website design, web development, custom blog theme, custom social media theme, search engine submissions and print collaterals. At Craftive, you come first! That is why we offer 24/7 customer support services. With this our valued clients can easily tract their orders & communicate with our expert logo designers any time. 

At Craftive, we believe that only a custom logo design will represent your brand as a high quality and trustworthy to both traditional & online market. Our designers know the importance of research & industry analysis in the creation of a highly customized logo.  Before designing a logo they conduct and in-depth study of client’s logo requirements & current logo design trends. This is also one of the biggest factors that make us a highly professional custom logo & web design company across the globe. On the basis of research work, our designers create initial design concepts and client selects the best one and asks for the revisions (if needed).  The finalized logo is delivered in all the needed file formats that enable our clients to use their logos for various branding purposes.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Custom Web Design is a key to Successful Online Business

web designing

To use a free online web template is not always a great option. The problem with using such free web templates is that visitors may think your website is just a copy of another site. This is where the custom website comes in. A custom design adds up unique features that make you stand out different from others.  It enables a web developer to create various custom web element such as screen layout, colors, font style, presentation products/services and even the entire web content alignments. 

There is a rapid advancement to the field of professional web development. Hence, it is difficult for an amateur web development company to keep up with the constant advancement to the field. There are many companies willing to help you create a productive website, but it’s a tough decision to select which company is good. Here, Craftive helps you to take advantage from its more than 7 year of experience in the field of professional website design and development that enables us to offer you only the best custom website solutions. Our rich and diverse web designs portfolio is a testament to the expertise of our expert web designers & developers. In addition to this, we also offer you affordable web packages with an unbeatable price challenge.  

Every Business Needs a Custom Web Design
A custom web design will represent your products/ services in a professional way that clearly and easily accessible to the target audience.  It also helps you to get the most from your businesses. If you are interested in growing your business, the best option to choose is a custom web design that is user friendly and created by highly professional web Development Company like Craftive. 

Custom Web Design as a Marketing Tool
Craftive ensures that your custom website  design is based on your prospects needs so they gets the required information in such way that make them feel that your website is providing ultimate solution to their problems. Hence, your website will be the best marketing tool.

Promoting your custom web design through Internet marketing improves the effectiveness of your website and makes your site more visible in search engines. A high ranking on search engines allows your small business to achieve the ultimate goal, accessing new customers and markets. The small business marketing services has an aim to make businesses more competitive on the web by optimizing the website for most popular and relevant keyword phrases / keywords that target the business. High search engine ranking attracts many visitors who can become potential customers and increases sales.

Custom Web Design is the Key to Success for Entrepreneurs
A custom web design will represent your businesses in highly professional and efficient manner that direct your business to the path of online success. 

To get a custom web design, just contact Craftive, we offer affordable high quality custom web solutions that are specifically tailored to the need of all kind of business models.