Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Natural Energy Source Logo Design – Craftive Reviews

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The most valuable asset to any brand is its identity. A good logo design is the foremost thing which is required by any brand to get a brand dignity. Craftive has designed numerous logos for businesses belong to more than 35 various industries. In logo designing field there are basically three types of logo designs which includes animated logo, typographic logo, illustrative logo and themed logo.  Craftive expert designer are extremely qualified & experienced to create a perfect logo designs that depict the strong brand identities.  

Panel-turbine is company that offers renewable, efficient, eco-friendly power systems. They were looking for a logo that could represent their business essence. Craftive designers did an in-depth research on client’s industry and came up with an idea of illustrative logo design.  Designers created a custom illustration of solar panel that depicts the client business essence. The illustration is enclosed in a circle shape is serving as the brand icon. Designers also gave a shadow touch to the illustration that magnified its appeal.

The Craftive logo designers used natural hues of the color green and orange to design the logo. The orange color symbolizes vitality and energy while the green color depicts nature and purity.  The combination of these two colors designed a logo that depicts the eco friendly client’s business philosophy.

The logo of Panel-turbine has brought hundreds of positive Craftive reviews that are testament to the expertise of Craftive logo designers. The logo is also a great design that represents the client business in a professional manner. One can explore numerous professionally designed logos at www.craftive.com.

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