Monday, 20 January 2014

Craftive Offers High Quality & Industry’s Most Affordable Brochure Design Packages


Brochure is a small piece of printed paper which usually consists of a single sheet. A typical brochure measures 21.6 x 28 cm or 21.6 x 35.5 cm, although it may have different sizes and number of folds. Brochure is often called leaflet or flyer. It is a valuable marketing & advertising tool, used to explain various aspects of the business such as; information about an organization/brand/services, answer questions, educate the public or even for a promotion of an event. Due to the dynamic nature of this useful marketing & advertising tool, it should be created by highly qualified designers who have extensive experience in professional brochure design.
Designers at Craftive are trained to create functional brochure designs that are not only attractive, but also unique and creative. They make sure that the brochure truly explains the business philosophy & its objectives to the target audience in an effective and attention grabbing way. Craftive portfolio contains many such examples of high quality brochures.
Craftive has industry’s most affordable brochure design packages that enable medium & small size businesses to avail professional design services.  The lowest price package is Single Side Leaflet for just $75. The package includes an initial design concept with a revision and a stock photo. The high end package offered by Craftive is 8 Page Brochure Design package. In this package, you get 2 initial design concepts with numerous rounds of revisions. 
In totality, Craftive offers five different brochure design packages. The wide range of positive Craftive reviews can provide you a quick idea about the high quality brochure design services delivered by its expert designers.