Thursday, 9 January 2014

Attractive Security Logo Design– Craftive Reviews

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Security Works logo has been designed by industry specific  and highly experienced  logo  designers. One can find numerous outstanding logo designs in exceptional and diverse Craftive’s Portfolio.  Craftive offers industry’s most affordable and exceptional custom logo design packages. this is Craftive’s prime commitment to its valued clients that each design we create is unique and  tailored to perfection.  

Tailored to Perfection Logo Design
Security Works is a company that provides alarm systems. The company needed a logo that  could speak about its technology dynamism  & innovative security solutions.  The logo designers have created a logo that is mixture of illustration and typography. The logo is representing a technology advancement that the company excels in. The illustration depicts digital communication used in residential and commercial security alarm systems.  

Perfect Color Selection
To ensure maximum visibility of the client’s industry, the designers used solid colors: navy blue and yellow. The color navy blue has powerful energy that symbolizes protection and safety, whereas yellow is an attention getting color that highlights ‘alarm systems’ illustration in an effective way. A yellow weave under the first half of the brand name is depicting that Security Works offers a complete alarm systems services.
Craftives’s designers have incorporated unique typography that gives an artistic touch to the logo design.  the logo is an appropriated example of combinational logo design. the logo designers have once again proved their expertise with the creation of Security Works Logo. To find out more about our exceptional logo designs you can read Craftives reviews.