Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Risk Mill Illustrative Logo Design – Craftive Reviews

In case of Risk Mill, the logo requirements were to design an illustrative logo having a brand name with the slogan ‘Know Risk –Know Reward’. Craftive Logo Designers created a tower mill illustration that is depicting the second half ‘Mill’ of the brand name. The tower mill illustration is also serving as the brand icon.  The logo designers aligned the typography of the brand name in an analog impression that is depicting the stock market fluctuating nature. 

The logo consists of two colors: turquoise and grey. The color turquoise represents the open communication and clarity of thoughts. This is also projecting the open nature of client’s business philosophy that is ‘know Risk-Know Reward’.  The color grey is the corporate color used to represent the professionalism and trustworthiness. The color grey is also adding a professional & attractive touch to the logo design. 

Risk Mill logo design has received positive Craftive reviews. Craftive logo designers have done a great job once again, Risk Mill logo design is a testament to the expertise of Craftive Industry specific designers. 

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