Thursday, 7 March 2013

3 Important Things To Consider Before Designing a Web Layout

Have you ever seen a cluttered website, with no appeal? Usually we come across many such websites; it is because of poor layout that has no consistency and uniformity. This affects your brand image and drives away your visitor. Therefore, it is important for the designer to build a layout so that he can have a concrete structure of the website.

Usually, a website has a standardized layout with a header, sidebars, and body copy. But, over the past few years, we have seen a shift in web layouts. The designers play with the standard version to create a highly interactive and personalized website that has a great user experience. Realistic motifs, such as hand-drawn fonts and organic textures, are used to give a personal touch to the website.

To get creative with the layout, the designer needs to consider the following elements so that the structure and content of the website can be created to build a consistent brand image.

Purpose of the Website
This is the first step to designing a layout of the website. The purpose of the website handles the main aims and objectives that a business wants to achieve through its website. The goals of designing the website can be different from the business goals. For instance, a business may want to showcase the line of its products/services on the website while its business goal could be to become the leader in the field.

This makes the purpose of the website a crucial element for setting the tone of designing and developing a website layout. This will also set the level of interactivity needed on the website.

Target Audience
Like any medium, website also addresses a specific niche of the market. Audience plays an important role in selecting the design and approach of the website. For instance, ladies fashion apparel website will have a different theme as compared to tech gadgets websites.

Not only gender or age are the only factors but demographics and psychographics also play a vital role in choosing the layout for the website.

Technical Considerations
A website is a composition of various codes and digits that build the frontline. It is extremely important to consider the overall appearance of your website because it affects the perception of the brand. The visual aspect of your website such as colors, shapes, density, size, and typeface affect the perception of your website.

Secondly, there are certain technologies that are workable in certain layouts while in other layouts they may compromised the overall look and experience of the website. It is best to test the layout and workability of your website before launching it.