Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Discipline of Writing Content for Online Media

Have you ever zigzagged with your car in a traffic jam? If no, then you should experience it because this is how your reader scans your copy on the website. Content is an important element for hooking up your customers on your website. This means the better you content the clearly your audience will understand it which will ultimately increase the revenue of your business.
But usually people don’t bother about the meat of the matter. Writers know that they need to highlight certain points in the content to drive the attention of the reader. But many of the writers do not know where and how to highlight the points to grab the attention of the readers. This is where one realizes the importance of content strategist. Content strategy is a plan that helps the writer set the tone of the content according to the medium, identifies the points that are to be highlighted, and helps in effective use of channels.
If not properly known, content strategy can turn into a monster with many heads. To become a perfect content strategist, read the following steps thoroughly.
Establish Your Goals: Define the purpose of your writing so that you can design your key message. You need to convey a message that sets you apart from others. Jot down key phrases and then write them down in a creative manner.
Set your goals and missions that you want to achieve with your content. After that, you need to know why you want to accomplish it. This will help you translate your words into content that will generate business results.
Define your Audience: You should also know who is going to read your content. Be it children, professionals, or elderly people, you need to match their tone. This will help you create a strong bond with your reader. This is one of the most difficult but important aspect of content strategy.
Put yourself into their shoes and decide what information you should disseminate. Present them the features and benefits that they will be most interested in.
Define Your Channel: This will help you set the tone. Set your tone according to the channel. Internet is a big world- it has blogs, official website, social media channels, forums and Q/A sites and every channel has a different tone of conversation.
Once you decide what channel you are writing for, then you will be able to decide the format for your content.
Optimize Your Content and Publish: Use words, phrases and terms that reports highest search results. Measure and analyze other related sources to decide what bring more traffic and leads to conversion. This will ultimately result in achieving your business goals.
Once you have optimized, move to its publication stage. Design its wireframes and prototypes to explain how the copy will interact with the digital media. Specify its features and workflow to put forward your killer content.